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Pigsty Morris -Bristol UK

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We are a dance group based in Bishopston, Bristol, UK. Our dances are lively and energetic, designed to entertain and attract today's audiences, but with their roots in traditional English Morris dancing. We dance regularly in the Bristol area, but also perform at venues around the country and further afield.


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Brandon Hill 04:30 at dawn Bristol (Brandon Hill 04:30 at dawn!! Tues 01 May 2018)

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Upton stick dance 2015
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Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris........ Pigsty Morris


Why Morris dance?

Morris dancing gives you a great opportunity to enjoy yourself while keeping fit, meeting other people, touring the country and getting involved in community events, festivals, street entertainment, television - you name it, Morris dancers have been there! Lots of people are natural dancers, but modern life may offer relatively few accessible dance opportunities - Morris is one. There are very few pastimes that combine a really good social life with a rewarding and challenging activity - the chance to travel and the option of getting involved in local events in your home area. Besides, if everyone knew about the free beer and the cut-price festival tickets...


New dancers:

Stone circle mid-summerJun 2013 Stone circle Stanton Drew

If you enjoy ceilidhs, barndances or other forms of dance, then Morris dancing could be for you. We practice almost all Fridays from September to the end of April starting ~7:30 pm. Dancing lasts for a couple of hours before we retire to the pub (Sportsman Annex 5mins walk away).

We welcome new adult dancers with any amount of (including no) experience.

Best wear loose clothing and trainers.

We are all double/triple jabbed for covid-19 and follow covid-19 safe methods when practising.

For more information:Contact ring 07508 216811 or

Location: Kelvin Players Hall how we get our name which is at 'Pigsty Hill', Bishopston, Bristol BS7 8NY Map
Corner of Gloucester Road (A38) and Wesley Road, entrance in Wesley road, numerous buses to 'Hatherley Road' stop from south or 'Nevil Road' stop from north. Bikes can be left inside.
Ring bell marked 'Hall Activities' (oddly enough not the bell marked 'Morris room')


Dance events

Most of the events we perform at are in the Summer months (see our Programme for 2022 below- limited due to covid-19). There's no such thing as a typical dance event. Every year, we dance at all or most of the following. People choose the ones they like and you can do as many or as few as you want: Local pubs - generally a relaxing Friday evening at a pub near Bristol - we know a lot of landlords and they welcome us every year. Festivals - these can be big events, where we are centre-stage, or smaller, community events where we just dance around the town. They can be anywhere in Britain - or further afield. Fetes - usually organised by schools or villages - a chance to get to know local groups and enjoy the events they have organised. Morris weekends - organised by other Morris groups in their area (or by us around Bristol) - an opportunity to see somewhere new, and meet old friends.


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Programme 2022

Most dancing takes place in the summer - our programme shows you our dance schedule for 2022.

We're currently taking bookings for 2022. If you would like to book us for an event, see our booking details below

park steet keep Sunday special2014 Keep Sunday special

Jan 2022

Sun 16th January 2022. Private Wassail 15:30

Feb 2022

Mar 2022

Apr 2022

Sat 30th April 2022. Bristol Folk Festival. Afternoon Photo thanks Sean

May 2022

Mon 2nd May 2022. Iron Acton Village Green MayDay

Sat 14th May 2022. Golden Hill Community Garden Spring Fair 1-4pm

Sun 29th May 2022. Chippenham folk festival all day. Photos thanks John Mills and Sean

Jun 2022

Thurs 9th Jun 2022 Stoke Inn, Chew Stoke (70th jublilee celebration). Photo thanks Sean

Jul 2022

Thurs 7th Jul 2022. Teaching morris to Bishopston scouts (private function)

Thurs 14th Jul 2022. Mendip Morris Portishead. Evening

Aug 2022

Sep 2022

Oct 2022

Nov 2022

Dec 2022

Wimborne festival 2015 by Steve and Helen Jones 2015



We are always interested in dancing at any event - however big or small, and wherever it is located. Apart from events like fetes and festivals, we have performed at social and charity events, danced in schools and old folks' homes, danced in Trafalgar Square, Bath Abbey and street parties, just to name a selection! Please contact us at to see if we are available for your event, or ring 07508 216811 if you don't have e-mail access. We like as much notice as you can give us - so contact us now to avoid disappointment!

Druids arms jun2013

Stanton Drew 2013


What is Morris dancing?

Morris dancing is a general term for any of many sorts of traditional English ritual dance. The earliest records of Morris dancing are only a few hundred years old, though some would have you believe that it's definitely pagan. There are many theories regarding its origin - generally tenuous in nature. Whatever the origins of Morris are (and we may never know), the most important thing is that it does not become preserved as a 'museum piece', but lives and continues to evolve. Of the many forms of dance, Pigsty Morris dance Cotswold Morris - which is characterised by vigorous movements, accentuated by the waving of handkerchiefs, the clashing of sticks, and the ringing of bells tied to the legs.

One of earliest paintings:Dixton Harvesters Anon 1720 Cheltenham Museum One of earliest paintings:Detail from 'Dixton Harvesters' 1720 Anon, Cheltenham Art Gallery and Museum

Much of the Morris dancing you see in Britain today has developed from the material collected about a century ago, which itself had evolved over centuries before that. The collected material made Morris widely accessible, and it spread from the people and areas where it had traditionally been performed. Without this revival, it is quite possible that English Morris would have died out completely. As regards women dancing (as they do with Pigsty Morris and in many other groups), there is evidence that women danced the Morris during the 1800s (as they may have also done before that time), and they were pivotal in its revival in the early 1900s. The widely held stereotype of the Morris dancer as a middle-aged, beer-swilling man has probably only developed since then, as Morris dancing between 1920 and 1970 was very much a male preserve. Hopefully the stereotype is fading; nowadays, men and women of all ages and backgrounds and from all walks of life take part in and enjoy Morris dancing. ps Most famous Morris dancer was Joseph Needham (1900-1995) Author of 24 vols of 'Science and Civilisation in China'.


Contact details

If you would like:

* information about Morris dancing in general
* to talk about joining us or other groups
* to enquire about booking us for any event

ring 07508 216811.



Links to related sites

For some other Morris groups around Bristol, see Rag Morris (mixed group-Thursdays), Bristol Morris Men (Men-Thursdays) Winterbourn Down (mixed group-Mondays) and nonesuchmorris (mixed group-Wednesdays) (We at Pigsty Morris are mixed and practice Fridays)

For general Morris information, see the Morris Federation, the Morris Ring and Open Morris

And for something completely different, try Kelvin Players - the theatre group whose hall
we've practiced in for all these years...

or even Swedish folk dance Swedish folk dance/music


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Pigsty Morris

Pigsty Morris

Pigsty Morris

Pigsty Morris

Pigsty Morris

Image Archive
Photos/video 2016-2020(baldrick kit)

Aug-Oct 2020 Covid-19 dance and zoom  2 Photos
Tues 01 May 2018 Brandon Hill 04:30 at dawn!!  Photo
Sat 21 Jan 2017 Bedminster wassail.  Photo
Sat 16 Jan 2016  Horfield Organic Comunity Orchard Wassail photos link to community-orchard website 

Photos/video 2014/15(baldrick kit) 18-Jan-2014 Horfield Organic Comunity Orchard Wassail two Photos (Thanks Kath) (rag jacket kit) 04-May-2014 Bristol Folk Festival afternoon Photos (Thanks Sean) 31-May-2014 Wessex Folk Festival (Weymouth) Photos (Thanks Sean) 01-Jun-2014 Wessex Folk Festival (Weymouth) link to flickr 06-Jun-2014 Boars Head Aust 7:45 for 8pm Photo (Thanks Sean) 27-Sep-2014 Stroud Folk Festival. Dancing in Stoud centre. Photo (by Tony Quigley) 17-Jan-2015 Wassail Horfield Organic Allotment. photos link to community-orchard website 01-May-2015 Dance at dawn (04:30 on) on Brandon hill Bristol with other sides. The two primary schools (private) Photo (Thanks Deb) 03-May-2015 Bristol Folk Festival. 12:00 Folk House, 12:45 St Georges, 15:00Corn Street.Central Bristol. Richard Toller's photos 09-May-2015 Horfield Community Orchard Spring Fair after 2pm Photo (Thanks Lucy Mitchell) 12 to 14-Jun-2015 Wimborne Folk Festival. Steve and Helen Jones dance photos 19-Jun 2015 the Druids Arms pub Stanton Drew 8PM Photo Photos/video 2012/13(baldrick kit) 14 Jan 2012 Horfield Organic Comunity Orchard Wassail photos link to community-orchard website 15 Jan 2012 Shirehampton Wassail photos- link to thisisbristol 14 Apr 2012 Our Day of Dance with nine other local and distant sides. Bristol city centre approx times: Galleries youtube link Centre Promenade youtube link 27 May 2012 Breast cancer charity event in Locking 3 photos 11 Jun 2012 The Cottage, Cumberland Basin with Priston Jubilee Morris photo Autumn 2012 Apple Day. photos link to Horfield community-orchard website 19 Jan 2013 Wassail at Horfield Community Orchard. photos link to community-orchard website Photos/video 2010/2011(red/green belt kit) 16 Jan 2010 wassail at Horfield allotment One Photo (rag jacket kit) 10 Apr 2010 Barton Hill Settlement Bristol. First photo in 2010 kit 23 Jul 2010 - Anchor at Oldbury 10 mins YouTube: Vandals Lolipop and London Pride (Rag) 17 Oct 2010 - Apple Day. Horfield Organic Community Orchard photo 16 Oct 2011 Horfield Organic Comunity Orchard Apple Day One Photo Photos/video from 2009 (red/green trouser kit) Note: videos below not recommended on dial-up Ring O Bells Pub, Priston, Bath new years day John M party Team outing to see Film 'Morris -a life with bells on' Cardiff Ladies day of dance 3 dawn photos 1 May! YouTube Redland fair:Pigsty Grenadiers Vandals of Hammerwich Saturday Night YouTube DoD Glory of the West- Exeter Widders-Chepstow YouTube DoD Pigsty (Fieldtown Trunkles) (Lollipop Man) (Bluebells) YouTube DoD Pigsty (Three Jolly Sheepskins) and Widders YouTube DoD Pigsty (Saturday Night) Horfield Allotment Orchard Apple day Filton College Wise Campus 2pm Photos 2008(original kit) 3 photos Sat 7 Jun Wessex Folk Festival Weymouth 1 photo Sat 28 Jun 'Ragged and Old' day of dance, Near Stroud youtube: Basque Dance (lichfield) at Kings Head. Ragged and Old DoD 66 Photos. Sat 13 Sep Glory of the West' day of dance, Nr Exeter Photos 2007(original kit) 3 photos from Day of Dance in Bath with Priston Jubilee Morris 3 Photos from Two Rivers folk festival in Chepstow Photos 2006(original kit) 8 Photos from Cardiff Ladies' Morris Weekend of Dance 1 Photo from Eastville Park garden opening 1 Photo from Clifton Street Party 1 Photo from charity event on Frenchay common 3 Photos The Fox, Old Down, with Rag Morris and Winterbourne 1 Photo of Weekend of dance with Ironmen and 7 Guilders Photos 1987-2006(original kit) 20 'yearbook' photos 1987-2006

Photos from previous website 6 photos

Dance Archive

For details of the Pigsty style of our (mostly) Cotswold dances (Adderbury Bampton Bucknell Fieldtown litchfield and Upton) click here.

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